Pandaren Are the Space Orks of World of Warcraft

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In today's warlike episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Wocalax posits that World of Warcraft's newest race is just as lore-killing as Warhammer 40K's mean green bashing machines. Short, bitter, and generally mean to bears.

The Pandas of World of Warcraft are to the Orks of Warhammer 40K

Mmmmmm, analogy....

Both ruin the lore for me. The Orks are dumb as are their names. The pandas, well, they're fucking pandas. They are childish to me.


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It's just funny to me that Panda people are where so many people are drawing the line.

This game has cow people, hyena people, fish people, walrus people, dog people, pig people, water snake people, four legged-two-armed winged cat people, bison people, big ol' people people, energy people, rock people, elemental people, dragon people... I'm probably missing a few. But c'mon, you can't deal with some panda folk?