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Palm Sweat Begone! MetalStrike Joystick With Built-In AC

Illustration for article titled Palm Sweat Begone! MetalStrike Joystick With Built-In AC

The MetalStrike from Genius is a Joystick With Built-In Air Conditioning. Yeah, I'm just going to leave that one hanging for a bit. I sometimes wonder if when future generations talk about our era and the decades-long financial and environmental apocalypse that it produced, they will mention stuff like this as indicators that our civilization was not just in decline but stick-a-fork-in-em done.Anyway, if hot hands is such a problem for you that you think you can justify the purchase of one of these you should know that it features "Three levels (off/1/2) of air control to keep your hand cool plus feel the effects of flying". It also comes with vibration, force-feedback and 13 programmable buttons. Hang on - Isn't that actually two levels plus 'off'? Hmm. Hand-cooling joystick for sweaty flight-simmers [Boing Boing Gadgets]


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um... is palm sweat even from heat? I always thought it was more from nervousness/excitement.