Painkiller Developers Predicting A Bulletstorm

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People Can Fly, most famous for its work on the Painkiller franchise, is working on an all-new intellectual property with Epic Games, a game that may be known as Bulletstorm when ultimately revealed. Or so a newly filed trademark implies.


The Warsaw-based developer filed that trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week, specifically for "Computer software for use with personal computers, for use with home video game consoles for use with televisions, and for use with arcade-based video game consoles for use with televisions." That's long for "video games."

It also filed a Bulletstorm trademark for "Printed materials; user manuals; hint books," so expect a manual to go along with it.

While not yet officially announced, Bulletstorm is likely that new "multi-platform game project" from Epic Games that Electronic Arts has agreed to publish, back when things were a little rosier for EA, amid a flurry of EA Partners branded publishing announcements.

Epic Games announced its majority stake investment in People Can Fly back in 2007, following the Polish developer's work on Gears of War for the PC. Mark Rein, vice president of Epic, said at the time the company was "totally blown away" by People Can Fly's prototypes. And Mark Rein is certainly not known for hyperbole!

Bulletstorm [USPTO - Image Credit]


People Can Fly made PAINKILLER

They did not make painkiller overdose or painkiller resurrection or even dreamkiller

they made PAINKILLER. that is all they made. keep this in mind.