Jaime "Kalapusa" Margary, who's given us realistic Piranha Plants, and Super Mario fungi in the past, now turns his attention to Pac-Man, presently soaking in jar of formaldehyde.


Writes Jaime:

The idea behind the video is Pac Man's final days, free from the maze (kudos if you can guess who's castle that is) and eating pellets to his heart's content in a glowing pellet forest. His dead, bloated body is found afterwards and then delivered to 8-Bit Labs.

I researched various biological features like shark eyes, reptilian mouths, obese skin and yellow tones in frogs and grapefruit. I used clay and acrylic, and animated everything in Flash.


Yes, Jaime, and we appreciate that shot showing Pac-Man's anus. But you still haven't answered fundamental questions about Pac-Man's metabolism.

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