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In the popular cosplay game Overwatch, one of the characters is a robot cowboy named McCree. He has a cowboy hat and a cowboy six-shooter. He’s pretty good at being a cowboy. Yet he does not seem overly familiar with the best cowboy cinema.

One of McCree’s most popular voice lines is “I’m your Huckleberry.” It’s a reference to the classic 1993 western Tombstone. In the film, Val Kilmer’s Doc Holliday introduces himself with the line not once but twice.

It is a gangster-ass way to announce yourself, and Kilmer plays it perfectly both times.

Here’s how McCree delivers the line:



Update 6:45PM: McCree voice actor Matthew Mercer (who by all appearances is a good sport and fan of the game) says that as he recalls it, he did record a take that matches Kilmer’s delivery from the movie:

Ball’s in your court, Blizzard. Only you have the power to fix this.

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