Overwatch Pros Sniped Off A Ledge After Ambush Goes Wrong

The Immortals Overwatch team has an impressive damage-dealing duo in GrimReality and Agilities, but every now and then, it’s nice to see a couple of greats get cut down. The internet enjoyed schadenfreude at Immortals’ expense during yesterday’s Overwatch “Monthly Melee” semi-finals, where our two anti-heroes got way too cocky about sneaking out onto a ledge. You can check out the full match here.


We’ll jump into third game in a best-of-three between Immortals and FaZe, The round starts out straightforward, with FaZe on the payload. Immortals struggles through their first push, partially due to FaZe’s Symmetra player, Forsaken, whose well-placed teleporter allows the team to keep close to the payload. After the teleporter runs out, though, the match gets tricky for FaZe, thanks to some incredible shooting by Immortals’ McCree player, GrimReality. Even as the rest of his team gets picked off, Grim holds his own, strafing around the courtyard like he’s on an ice-skating rink and taking out the FaZe players one by one.

High on his shooting spree, which just propelled the round into overtime, GrimReality joins his fellow Immortals colleague Roadhog, played by Agilities. The duo heads out onto a ledge together, GrimReality in front and Agilities in back. The plan is to set up an ambush on the opposing team’s payload as it pushes down the alley. They pause for a moment, waiting for the enemy team to pull around the corner they’re facing… but instead, they get flanked themselves. From the balcony behind them, five FaZe players appear and set their sights. Specifically, FaZe’s Ana player, Rawkus, hits Agilities with a sleep dart and sets him up to get hooked right off the ledge; he dies instantly, in a very un-agile yet hilarious way.

Unfortunately for FaZe, GrimReality is too quick to be caught. He drops to the ground and seeks revenge, lone wolf-style, by trying to flank the entire FaZe team. It’s a big mistake; he gets taken down with ease by Reinhardt. “Punished by his own hubris,” as one of the commentators says. “The only person who’s been able to beat Grim so far is Grim himself.”

After these embarrassing experiences, and with only a minute left to go on the clock, you’d think that Immortals wouldn’t be able to turn the match around, but they do. Immortals’ D.Va player, Hyped, gets a surprising three-kill blast with his ultimate ability. Meanwhile, GrimReality respawns after his humbling experience and dashes back to join his teammates and get some kills before the clock runs out. Unfortunately, FaZe chokes at the end of this round in spite of having some ults of their own, and they would go on to choke at the tournament in general.

FaZe ended up getting knocked back to the Loser’s Bracket after losing to Immortals, at which point they lost against the Hammers Esports team in the Loser’s Bracket. FaZe placed fifth in the tournament overall. Immortals went on to take third place, which earned them a $1,000 prize—and, probably, no lessons learned at all about standing on ledges. Even the pros get cocky sometimes, but GrimReality might want to watch his step out there.

Deputy Editor, Kotaku.



These esports articles have been popping up on the Deadspin feed and after a few weeks of reading them I have some questions for esports fans. Not trying to troll or anything, just genuinely curious.

Do you think that esports will eventually reach as wide of an audience as the NBA or NFL? I know some professional athletes and organizations have made investments (Shaq, A-Rod, the 76s, Magic Johnson, and so on) so people in the sporting world must think they really have potential. But I’m just not getting it. I like regular sports. I played them in high school, and I’m a fan now. I have tried to watch esports and I find them boring and confusing. I think it boils down to a few things:

-I can’t see the entire “playing field.” Whenever I watch these games, the map seems to jump all over the place, and it’s too hard to figure out what’s going on. The camera seems to jump all over the place, there’s random light and colors from weapons, and it just looks messy to me. I can’t follow the action.

-It’s hard to tell who’s a great player. I can’t immediately see who’s great because I have no fucking clue what’s going on. When I watch physical sports (even “softer” ones like pool or darts) I can identify skill excellence right off the bat.

-The objective of the game is not immediately clear. When I watch a sport I’m not super familiar with, say Australian rules football, I can still get a sense of what they’re trying to do. I would wager that even a total stranger to most physical based sports could get a sense of the game being played (not discrete rules, but general objectives). Whenever I watch these clips, or even try whole matches, it seems boring and unimpressive to me (I do know many of these guys practice hard, but I’m just saying how it SEEMS).

-It doesn’t make me want to go out and play. This is definitely an opinion, but I think sports are fun to watch because many of us realize we could do some of the basics (throw a football) but when we watch the pros they do these skills with such unbelievable excellence. And so it’s fun to see someone do something you yourself could do...only infinitely better. Anyway never have I wanted to go play Overwatch or LoL. I tried some of these games and I just didn’t like it. Watching the pros doesn’t inspire me, or instill a sense of awe in me.

-The final thing I just can’t get over is that all these players have screen names which come off as juvenile (at least to me). I suppose it’s just the idea that you don’t give yourself a nickname. Would I love to be called something cool like Megatron? Sure, but I don’t head to work and tell everyone to call me that. That makes me a loser. I wait until I do something awesome and then get a name bestowed on me.

So anyway I really do have an open mind and I read these articles and watch the clips but I have yet to be convinced that esports have a wider appeal outside of general nerddom (no shade on the nerds, I’m a huge scifi geek). Of course, maybe my opinion is just my opinion, and in 20 years I’ll be stuck at some bar feigning interest in LoL. But at least I’ll be drunk.