As Kaplan hinted in an interview with Kotaku in April, Overwatch is also getting the positive version of a reporting system: endorsements. Players will be able to endorse each other at the end of matches in three different categories: sportsmanship, good teammate, and shotcaller. Players who maintain a high endorsement level will be periodically rewarded, and players who endorse others will receive “minor” rewards.


Overwatch’s next update will also include player profile privacy options and will default players’ profiles to private. “Our theme is ‘give players control over their gameplay experience,’” Kaplan said.

In addition, Symmetra’s long-awaited overhaul is close at cool, glowy holo-hand, as is a major update to generally mediocre map Horizon Lunar Colony. Kaplan didn’t give an exact timetable for when the update will go live, but it’s on the PC PTR right now.