But wait, there’s more! Players also spotted a new replacement on the map. Normally, in years past, the Dark Souls bonfire can be found in specific corners of Adlersbrunn. Now, however, the bonfire has been swapped out with Bloodborne’s lamp.

These are just two Easter eggs players have dusted off, but I’ve no doubt there are more to find in the event. There are also a buncha spooky Twitch drops you can get your hands on if you use the livestreaming platform through November 6, including a legendary werewolf Winston skin and more.


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Overwatch 2 has been going through it since it launched on October 4. Between the copious bugs and server issues, plus the removal of characters and maps (that have only recently come back), many players have dubbed the release a psuedo early access. Blizzard has since responded, outlining a host of planned changes to further stabilize the game’s issues.