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Overwatch Players Want The Mei Murder Grenade To Be Real

Overwatch devs shared a unique take on Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade, now players want it in the game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Mei from Overwatch 2
Image: Blizzard / Kotaku

Overwatch 2 doesn’t have a Mei homing grenade, but it could, and the promise of a weapon that would single-handedly seek out the ice-loving pain in my ass is enough to have players daydreaming about the possibilities.

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The official Overwatch Twitter account shared a video of a dev build where, as suggested by a player, Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade “[finds] Mei anywhere on the map and immediately [eliminates] her.” In the clip, which takes place on the Shambali Monastery map, Cassidy hucks his grenade a few feet in front of him just for it to careen down an alley, bypassing several other characters to stick to a Mei standing at the very end of it. She then, predictably, dies.


Though the tweet also makes it very clear that the team “won’t be implementing this suggestion,” players can’t help themselves. Dozens of quote tweets are begging for this “buff” to be added to the game immediately, with Overwatch commercial lead Jon Spector replying with “don’t let your memes be dreams!” OWL player and streamer Jack Wright wrote “push it live, you won’t” while Overwatch news account Overwatch Cavalry brought up the iconic 2018 meme where a sign from an OWL event that read “Let Zen walk” resulted in the dev team animating a horrifying walk for the hovering omnic monk.


The almost universally gleeful reaction to a grenade that can seek out and destroy Mei anywhere on the map is understandable—even after she was temporarily disabled from the game because of an Ice Wall bug back in October 2022, she’s still an incredibly frustrating character in the hands of a good player. Her Ice Wall can block a moving point, cut off healers from injured players, and ruin quite a few ultimate abilities, and her Cryo-Freeze healing ability means she can often be tough to take down. “This fucking Mei” is practically an official Overwatch slogan at this point.

Though Mei won’t be personally targeted by Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade, Mercy players do still have to deal with the aftermath of her getting nerfed into the ground earlier this month. In happier news, Overwatch’s reworked matchmaking means I finally made Platinum support this week. Ranked really does suck less!