Over 250,000 People Have Pirated A Leaked Copy Of The Force Awakens

If you were wondering why you’ve suddenly started seeing lots of very high quality Force Awakens gifs over the last day or so, you’ve got your answer.


As TorrentFreak report, the REPLiCA pirate group have gotten hold of a Force Awakens Blu-Ray a few weeks early and uploaded HD versions of the film on torrent sites.

Being the film that it is, and with camcorder versions of the movie—uploaded shortly after Force Awakens’ cinema release—being so terrible, to say there’s been interest in these rips is an understatement.


TorrentFreak say that already over 250,000 people have already downloaded a copy of the film. Do the math and that tally will be in the millions by the end of the week.

Big numbers, yes, though not unexpected. What I found more interesting about this is that the scene has new self-policing rules which state that uploaders need to provide proof that they’ve got a legit copy of the film, by posting an image of the disc. So this had to accompany the release.

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How very pirate-like, for software pirates to have an actual pirate code.

Those not devoted to a life of crime on the high seas should note that the actual, legit versions of the film hit Blu-Ray on April 5, which really, isn’t that far away.

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Gizmodo actually posted a link to the torrent. I can only assume they’d rather get sued and lose all their money to disney instead of having to pay the hulkster