Outgoing Twisted Metal Creator Would Consider Kickstarter Funding for His New Projects, Too

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Despite his fears—as only he could express them—that crowdfunding for video games could become "a dick measuring contest," Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe says he'd consider a Kickstarter project for backing, as he embarks on life starting up a new development studio.


Of course the games development world sat up and took notice of Double Fine studio's Kickstarter project, the No. 1 news event of the week after it raked in more than $1 million (and counting) from gamers wishing to see another graphic adventure from Tim Schafer. "I think the real question whether in the next month, if [Double Fine's campaign] hits $2 million or $8 million, does that signal a new way of funding games?" Jaffe told Gamasutra. "Or is this kind of a one-off thing, because it was led by Tim Schafer? Is this actually moving the needle? That, we don't know."

Earlier this week, Jaffe said he would leave Eat, Sleep, Play, the Utah-based studio he helped found, and will form another studio in San Diego to work on new projects. He told Gamasutra he's pondering a free-to-play browser-based game that, Gamasutra said, "will implement a secretive business model."

While he would consider crowdfunding, "I think I would be really nervous because suddenly now it's not just a publisher's money," he said. "Suddenly you have all these peoples' money, and you don't want to let them down."

Jaffe's got much more to say on this subject and others, so please do visit Gamasutra to read it all.

Jaffe would consider Kickstarter for new projects [Gamasutra]


The difference is that everyone likes Tim Schafer, whereas plenty of people David Jaffe is a dick.

Also, Schafer started his Kickstarter project because he wanted to make a game that publishers weren't willing to stump up the cash for, which I'd wager was partly due to the disappointing sales of the likes of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Jaffe's reputation with God Of War and the like means he could get the funding if he wanted it, meaning a Kickstarter project would be little more than an ego boost.

He just wants to get on the Kickstarter bandwagon because Schafer did it and everyone's talking about him now in a positive light. He thinks everyone will love him too if he did the same, whereas in reality a lot of people will rightly shoot it down because, frankly, his attitude isn't as respectable as Schafer's.