Gamers Donate $400,000 IN ONE DAY To See Their Heroes Make a New Game

Wow. Good job, internet! Despite the fact the project was announced less than 24 hours ago, Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign for a new graphic adventure has reached its goal of $400,000.


That means around 10,000 regular humans on the internet (maybe you!) donated $400,000 out of your own pockets to see some legends of an old genre try and make something new, and dear, to your hearts.

Who needs publishers? Not these guys. Not now.

Now that the goal has been reached, every extra cent that goes into the Kickstarter fund is being directed towards both improving the project further and the quality of its accompanying documentary.

It'll also go towards things like releasing it on multiple platforms, and localising it into other languages.

Double Fine Adventure [Double Fine Adventure]



Over $860,000 with 33 days to go.

- With a little over 22,000 backers thats approximately $40 per person .

- Approximately 21,900 people gave $15 or more for a total of about $840,000

- That leaves a remainder of between 400-450 people(the numbers continue to rise)

- That low remainder means someone has given over $15,000 or more!

- Very few people are donating just a dollar (couple hundred maybe)

- Holy shitballs

People are throwing around some serious money. I mean seriously, who has this dough just sitting around to spare?? Borrowing against your 401k? Taking a mortgage out? That is some extreme passion and dedication right there, kinda sad really. I know a lot of people on there won't even give a dollar for starving children. If you could get people to band together like this for a noble cause imagine what you could accomplish.