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Tim Schafer, an adventure game legend for his days working on old Lucasarts titles, has just put his Double Fine studio to work on a Kickstarter project. To "make an old-school graphic adventure". Oh boy.


I say OH BOY because not only would Schafer - whose adventure gaming credits include Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango and Full Throttle - be involved, but so too would Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

There's no name or anything for the project yet, just a working title of Double Fine Adventure. Along with the game itself, there'll also be a documentary filmed about its development, which will be done by the stylish team at 2 Player Productions.


Check out the announcement trailer below, with a link to where you can contribute to the project below that. Note the Kickstarter page doesn't list all the perks for investing: if you're flush with cash, try these on for size:

Pledge $15,000 or more:
Dinner with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $20,000 or more:
Dinner and BOWLING with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $30,000 or more:
Picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $35,000 or more:
Undoctored picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $50,000 or more:
Become an actual character in the game.

Pledge $150,000 or more:
Tim Schafer (that's me) will give last four remaining Triangle Boxed Day of the Tentacles, in original shrink-wrap." (Limit of 1) (Holy crap, what am I thinking? I only have four of those!)

If it takes more than a week to reach that $400,000 goal, I'll be very surprised.

Double Fine Adventure [Kickstarter]

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