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Our Monitors Show Us So Many Things. Now Show Us Your Monitors.

Illustration for article titled Our Monitors Show Us So Many Things. Now Show Us Your Monitors.

Unless you're reading this on a cell phone or tablet, you're staring at a monitor right now. They are glowing portals that take us to work and play every day. What does your window to the digital world look like?


I'll show you mine, you show me yours — that's how this works, right?

Meet AOC Borderless 27 inch IPS one and two. For the past nine months, I've seen more of these twins than I have the ones that worked their way out of my wife a couple of years back. They might not be as cute, but they never smell and only scream when I want them to.


I love the borderless look, especially when they're being used in tandem. I love the IPS (in plane switching) technology, which allows me to see what they're trying to show me no matter where my office chair takes me. And I really dig the award-winning design, which allows the monitors to sit flush against a surface without a base (you can see that in action here).

One day I'm sure I'll upgrade. Maybe I'll go panoramic. Perhaps I'll get a monitor that goes higher than 1920x1080. I used to dream of having a bank of six monitors arranged in a 2x3 grid, so I could pretend I was in the Batcave. Maybe that'll still happen, but for now, these are my eyes, and I love them.

Now it's your turn. What does your monitor set up look like? Do you prefer quality over quantity? Does size matter? Have you gone 3D? Is it your ideal configuration, or do you have massive monitor dreams? If your monitor exploded, how sad would you be?

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