Transformers Prime Teaches the Wii U Control Pad How to Drive

Transformers Prime for the Wii U isn't a particularly spectacular game, but it does hint at big things to come for racing games on the console, transforming that bulky control pad into a capable little steering wheel peripheral.


Turning the Wii remote sideways never made for an immersive driving experience. It was novel at best, and that novelty quickly faded. Tucking the remote into a plastic steering wheel housing helped the situation somewhat, but there was no real heft to the combine unit.

The Wii U control pad has heft. It has rumble. It's about the same size as your average video game racing wheel. It's perfect for driving.

Now mind you Transformers Prime isn't a deep driving game. It's pretty much just moving from side to side, and only in specific portions of the game. Transforming into vehicle form during combat sequences is controlled with the analog sticks, but hey, at least the steering method was included somewhere; Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing doesn't give the option for Wii U control pad motion control.

I'm looking forward to seeing how future racing games integrate the feature.

As for Transformers Prime, it's a fair-to-middlin' action adventure that will surely please younger fans of the animated series. If you've played the Wii U or 3DS versions, it's the exact same game, only prettier.


I think the screen has huge potential along with it too, the best idea I've heard is as a rear view mirror, which in a realistic racer would be awesome.