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Origin Account Bans Threatened for Playing on Modded Battlefield 3 Beta Servers

Illustration for article titled Origin Account Bans Threatened for Playing on Modded emBattlefield 3/em Beta Servers

Pretty much anything involving the word "Origin" and "ban" has PC gamers on a hair-trigger, and news yesterday from Battlefield 3 developer DICE certainly won't lower anyone's blood pressure.


The server files for the game have leaked out. So now, during the game's open beta, some servers have appeared with alterations to the game. That includes, as VE3D points out, hosting more than 100 players on Operation Metro, which is capped at 32.

Illustration for article titled Origin Account Bans Threatened for Playing on Modded emBattlefield 3/em Beta Servers

So in response, DICE put up this notice (screencap via Reddit; the forum itself is visible only to beta participants). Basically, participating on these servers could result in a series of unfortunate events that get you banned from Origin. Banned from Origin = lose access to all your games on Origin.

Now, it can be read a couple of ways, but what it sounds like, to me, is they're selling FUD about participating in these servers in the first place.

• "Playing on those servers can cause your account to become compromised," the guy writes, because, what people hosting modified servers are going to hack your Origin account, too?

• Playing on these servers also can cause "stats to be altered or other issues to arise." So that's a big-ol catchall that furthers the idea that visiting these modified servers is a dangerous idea.


• "which may lead to having your account banned by EA." So this threatens a ban without threatening a ban.

More or less they want to scare people the hell away from these servers without committing to any specific action, which will probably be reserved for those they identify as responsible. They're in the process of doing that.


Oh, by the way, "If your account gets banned it does mean any EA game you have on your account would also be unavailable," DICE reminds.

None of this sits well for law-abiding gamers (especially those screaming about it on Reddit) who feel like their accounts are being threatened unless they collaborate with The Man.


For those wondering, official servers are capped at 32 participants, play Operation Metro in RUSH mode. Anything running other configurations are verboten.

DICE Threatens To Ban Players Joining Modded Servers In Battlefield 3 [VE3D]

Battlefield 3 server files leak, modded servers appear; DICE responds by stating that joining one may result in your entire Origin account being banned, losing access to all games on it [Reddit]


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I hate that EA can render your games useless if banned from Origin. What kind of bullshit is this?

Thinking about it, can one lose access to their games as well if they are banned from Steam?