Oregon Trials

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Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.


Nine Things to Name Your Oregon Trail Family [The Hairpin] We had a Star Wars text adventure in the computer lab in 8th grade. My best friend Richard would always name his rebel character "Himself" so the thing would say, "DARTH VADER swings at HIMSELF with his lightsaber. A miss!" The same spirit permeates this delightful humor piece.

Ten Comic Book Video Games That Were Actually Good [This or That] I'll vouch for Ultimate Spider-Man; it wan't the best Spidey game, but I really enjoyed the open-world aspect. No. 1 is quite obvious.

The Top Ten Most Dominant Athletes in Video Game History [Joystick Division] See, I view this the way I view records from baseball's dead-ball era. The rules were just different. The game was fundamentally different. So as sports games strive for greater realism, you are never going to see a performer dominate the way Tecmo Bo Jackson did.

Top 5 Most Wanted Unlikely RPG Sequels [GameRanx] KOTOR III I can understand, not that it's at all likely any time soon as The Old Republic is about to get started. But an Alpha Protocol 2? People would really want that?

The 13 Greatest Video Game Movies That Almost Were [Ranker] Hollywood produces some hot garbage when it comes to video game movies, so perhaps our attitude here should be "thank God they didn't make that," as opposed to "why didn't they make that." Curious why Goonies II is on this list and not Half-Life. There's been more far more talk about the latter (even if the talk is Gabe Newell saying they've considered offers but won't do it.)



I wouldn't want a Half-Life movie.

The plot itself isn't that great. What's great is the way you experience the it and the world around you, and I just don't see that kind of storytelling working in something other than a video game and still being great.

I mean, if talented people make it (and noone stops them from using their talents) i'm sure it would be good, but it just won't feel like Half-Life.