Yesterday, Nintendo of America revealed a new handheld: the Nintendo 2DS. Kotaku checked it out and chronicled the reaction in the West. But what about the reaction in Nintendo's home turf of Japan? Not... good.

On 2ch, Japan's largest web forum, the reaction was rough. At first, many 2ch commenters thought the announcement was a prank. Then, many of them were either confused by the handheld or happy to hate on it.


To be fair to Nintendo, the Nintendo 2DS, as unusual as it is, looks aimed at little kids (or young hip couples who game together at home, apparently). It's been announced for North America and Europe, but there currently is no word of a Japanese release.

Until then, here's a sampling of the various reactions on 2ch:

"Is this for real?"

"The hell is this?"


"Surely, this is a joke, right? lol"


"This is some idiot's April Fool's joke."

"April Fool's, right?"

"I have no idea who this is aimed at."

"This looks like an American tombstone."

"Nintendo is messed up."

"The design is awful."

"If they're going to do this, wouldn't it have been better not to have 3D from the start?"

"It looks dorky."

"It's not embarrassing to put something out like this?"

"Looks like a slice of white bread. lol"

"I get the 2D part, but the design is odd."

If you put a right thumb pad on it, I'll replace mine!

"Well, this is a design that wouldn't be released in Japan."

"A 3DS without 3D?"

"This stinks of the Game Boy Micro."

"If it's $130, that's cheap. Maybe it'll sell."

"What the hell was all that about including 3D?"

"This is awful..."

"Iwata [Nintendo's President] is freaking out."

"When's the 1DS coming out?"

Twitter user @sarasiru imagines that will look like this:

Should you be interested, here is how the Nintendo 2DS sizes up to the Nintendo 3DS.

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