Online Game Saves Man From Being (Maybe!) Burned Alive

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The strategy game Evony, infamous for its salacious, cleavage-filled ads, has helped do some good. The Facebook version of the game is now credited with helping to save the life of a disabled man.


51-year-old gamer Robert Chambers, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was at home when a fire, started by his toaster, began to fill his house with smoke, reports the Spokesman-Review. Chambers' limited mobility prevented him from calling for help, so he turned to a chatroom in Evony. Fellow players in other states called the fire department and, ten minutes later, Chambers was safely escorted from the house.


It was not a spectacular blaze, fortunately. Authorities say the fire was contained to the toaster.

Chambers wife, who says she "hated this game"—lady, everyone hates those damn ads—has come around to Evony, saying "Now I've got to bite my tongue because it saved his life quite possibly."

Disabled man uses Facebook to summon help during fire [Spokesman-Review - thanks masterdingo!]

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