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You live on the internet, so we know you've seen them: ads for Evony, pathetic attempts at enticing people to play an online game run by shady types by using boobs. Least, they were pathetic. Now, they're hilarious.


I rock Adblocker, so I actually haven't seen these in a while. Which is a pity. If ever an ad was going to make me reach for the "disable" button, it would be these more recent Evony ones, what began as an attempt to cash in on Lord of the Rings having obviously become a rush to secure the services of girls appearing on porn movie box art from the 1990's.

And no, I didn't make that last bit up.

LazyGamer have posted a great gallery (recently updated to encapsulate the game's recent offerings) charting the "turn" of Evony's ads, from their humble beginnings in the Tower of Gondor to the boobs smorgasbord they offer today. Sad/fun reading awaits.


A History of Evony Ads – The insanity continues [Updated-Again] pLazyGamer, via JeffGreen]

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