Evony Devs Sound A Bit Iffy

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Evony needs little introduction. If you're on the internet, at all, you've seen its intrusive banner ads pretty much everywhere. But just who are the people behind this "game"? Well, surprisingly, it turns out they're incredibly shady.


Bruce Everiss, who works in video game marketing, has written up an excellent piece on the shady side of the "game", pointing out the fact it's owned by a guy who has been sued by Microsoft for click fraud and who also runs a gold farming company, that it steals assets from Age of Empires and that the game is spamming people's blogs and forums with unsolicited Evony ads.

And what did Bruce get for his troubles? Well, of course, he's been threatened with a lawsuit by Evony's owner, Eric Lam.


More About Evony [Bruceongames, via Valleywag]

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Here I was waiting for TOR and this was already out? With considerably more boob?

Hold on wench, your Lord is coming!