Last week it was a Mario Kart patch, this week it's a version update, with new content added to WayForward Technologies' Mighty Switch Force inching the 3DS eShop ever closer to iTunes territory.


Mighty Switch Force is a puzzling platformer that relies on the tried-and-true switch mechanic, in which platforms and such phase in and out at the press of a switch. With a kicking soundtrack and solid gameplay, it's one of the best games on the 3DS eShop. Today's update adds five more levels, enhances stereoscopic 3D support, and adds a RETRY button so speed runners don't have to keep starting over.

Today's update also (hopefully) sets precedent. Mobile gamers are used to their games regularly updating with fresh new content. I don't know about you folks, but I'd buy a lot more games from the eShop if I knew more content could pop up at any moment.

Check out the rest of this week's portable offerings below, and if you only own a Wii, you should probably trade it in for a 3DS at this point.




Mighty Switch Force (New Edition)
Platform: 3DS
Price: $5.99 (free to previous purchasers)
New version available 5/12/12 via the Nintendo eShop. Players who already own the title can download the update for free. Newcomers will receive all bonus content included with their purchase. Includes:

  • 5 all new bonus levels
  • Enhanced stereoscopic effect to all previous levels
  • by popular request, a "retry" button for dedicated speed runners

Game & Watch Gallery 2
Platform: 3DS
Price: $3.99
Original and updated versions of five Game & Watch hand-held games. With the second of the Game & Watch Gallery series, you can enjoy five different games in both their original and revised versions. Classic versions will take you back to the '80s and a simpler time in video games. Modern versions feature your favorite characters with improved play control, color and sound effects. In Parachute, you must rescue the parachutists. In Helmet, don't get hit in the head. In Chef, flip up a gourmet meal. In Vermin, whack the enemies. In Donkey Kong, rescue your kidnapped sweetie.


Snakenoid Deluxe
Platform: DSi / 3DS
Price: 500 DSi Points / $4.99
The game is an unique blend of classic game concepts. Using the stylus the player controls a snake on the lower screen and tries to use it to bounce the ball destroying boulders on the upper screen. In each level the boulders are organized in a different shape. At the same time the snake has to avoid enemies and may collect bonuses, falling out of the destroyed boulders. The aim of the game is to finish all the levels with the most points. The snake controlled by the player is composed of flexibly connected segments which bounce the ball.




Madagascar 3 Trailer
Available May 28
Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman journey through Europe in a traveling circus as they fight to get home to the Big Apple.

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