One Of Mass Effect's Best Moments Is An Amazon Echo Easter Egg

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Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices are good for more than shopping, listening to music and home automation. Just try asking it one of the most important questions in the Mass Effect universe. “Does this unit have a soul?”


Folks over at the Mass Effect Reddit (via Eurogamer) discovered the easter egg while playing around with the Alexa digital assistant housed inside Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices. Posing the question “Does this unit have a soul?” causes Alexa to respond with ““Keelah se’lai.”

The exchange, both lines from the Mass Effect series, references the final moments of the conflict between the mechanoid Geth and Quarians in Mass Effect 3, in which Shepard, Tali and Legion must make an important decision.

You do not need an Amazon Echo device to test the exchange out. I recorded the following clip using the web-based Alexa Skill Testing Tool at

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As much as I feel the ending was a let down(and other small issues), Mass Effect 3 was still a great game for all the character stories.

I hope Andromeda makes me love their characters as much I did the original ones.

I’m also going to miss the Quarians and Geth, as I don’t expect they are going to be in the Andromeda.