One million PlayStation 4s were sold to customers in the first 24 hours the console was available, Sony said in a news release this morning. The PS4's Nov. 15 launch was in the U.S. and Canada only. Sony has said it expects to sell 3 million by year's end. The PS4 launches in Europe and Australia on Nov. 29.


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Failure rate in inherent in all consumer electronics.

I recall this article from 2008 discussing the failure rates of the X360/PS3/Wii.…

Warranty company SquareTrade released 2009 data on the failure rates of the X360/PS3/Wii, and found that within the first two years, the X360 had a failure rate of 23.7%, PS3 at 10%, and Wii at 2.7%.

Hell, iPods were found to fail at a rate of 15% and many laptops had a rate of 22%.

The average electronics failure rate is approximately 15% within the first 3-4 years.

Gamers are just obnoxiously passionate about their hobby and are ALWAYS looking to pick a fight and side with a "winner" so they can have some kind of "my side won!" kind of ego. It's obnoxious and makes me hate being a part of the gaming community.

Very early indicators of a less than 1% failure rate is VERY GOOD, especially for a new product with a bunch of newer tech in it. As an electronics engineer, I can tell you that U.S. manufacturing tends to be very sloppy while the Japanese manufactures tend to have much stronger tolerances and designs.

I owned all the consoles and never had an issue with any of them. I bought a laptop from a Best Buy and it was all fucked up out of the box.

Get your had out of your asses people. Large scale, high-component count electronics will never be perfectly manufactured. There's just a cascading chance of failure with every component, no matter how high their individual component quality is.

Go take this angry energy and go rub one out instead of bickering which multi-billion dollar corporation is better.