One Man's Attempt To Make It Easier To Learn How To Make Video Games

Three years ago, Dan Butchko was working for a Nonprofit when he realized that video games were what he most cared about. Soon, he came upon an idea that turned into a career: help people learn to make games, and then have those people teach the next generation, and so on.


That idea is the lifeblood of Playcrafting an organization Butchko runs in New York City, where we recently met to discuss his vision for empowering a new generation of video game creators.

With Playcrafting now in Boston and San Francisco, I got a chance to sit down with Dan to find out how they got their start and what the future holds for the company.

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Go to Steam. Hit the “new releases” button. NOT the “popular new releases” button. Read the last 100 entries.

The barrier to making games doesn’t exist anymore.