One Man Getting Hit by a Bus Is Another Man's Frogger

At the University of Texas "every Friday before finals there's a thing called 'Foam Sword Friday,'" writes Austin H., a computer sciences major at the university. Students go to the university district's main drag, cross the street during a red light, and then battle it out with foam swords.


This Friday, a freshman named Nick strode forth into the maw of disaster and was hit by a purple bus, which you can see in that video above at the 0:28 mark. Fortunately, the bus was not injured. As for Nick, he came out with "just a scratch and bruise," says Austin.

To pay tribute to the bus's sacrifice (and Nick's), Austin created "Nick vs. Bus", a Frogger variant you can play now—it's also playable on mobile devices. In it, your "Nick" is invulnerable to purple buses, as he was struck by a purple bus and emerged unharmed. You have 15 seconds to cross the street each time. Enjoy!

Nick Vs. Bus [Official Site. Thanks Austin. And, uh, Nick.]



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