One-Eyed Left 4 Dead Survivors? In My PC Rhythm Game?

MEVO & the Grooveriders sounds like a bad 80s cartoon. But if you buy it on Steam, you can play as the cast of Left 4 Dead. That's groovy, right?

MEVO & the Grooveriders is a music-centric PC game with what the press release calls a "real retro gaming feel." The point is to make your playable Mevo tap keys to the beat of music. Somehow this gets the Grooveriders back together and there's this elaborate plot line about a totalitarian entity called the SILENCE that you're trying to defeat through the proletariat power of music.


Totally would have passed this up, but for a little line toward the bottom of the press release email: "It also has a special version coming out on Steam that features the 4 characters (Louis, Francis, Bill and Zoey) from Valve's hit game Left 4 Dead."

GamesRadar's got the first screens along with some character art. I'm not entirely sold on it yet, but the Hunter design looks awfully cute.

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