One Creeper, Several Aquamen and, Well, Just About Everybody Shows Up in This DC Comics Cosplay Video

I should know better than to ever be surprised by any cosplay creativity. The people dedicated to dressing up as their favorite fictional characters keep on raising the bar for ingenuity.


Still: there are people dressed as MiniMates. MiniMates!

Spotted on the Distractotron YouTube Channel, this video parades hundreds of DC Comics characters in front of your eyes for a glorious spectacle that's over here minutes. I especially love how you can see clusters of the same characters in various parts of the video. "Let's get all the Nightwings over there and the Poison Ivys to the left a little, ok, guys?"


Dean Cain—who once played the Last Son of Krypton in the late Lois & Clark show—came dressed as himself. Helped some folks declare their love for each other, according to the comments. That's… super.

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Why the creeper is awesome:

1. Hits on Harley when everybody else in that universe seems to ignore how hot she is.

2. Beats up all of the Joker's men AND BATMAN while hitting on Harley