One Couple's Dual-Wield Shotgun Wedding

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A Florida couple has planned a Halo-themed wedding, and they're trying to keep it on the sly from her traditional-minded parents. But the officiant decked out in Spartan armor will definitely be a giveaway.


MTV Multiplayer's (and Kotaku BFF) Stephen Totilo tells the touching story of Desirai Labrada, 29 (gamertag SickNDehed) and John Henry, 26, (PsychoVandal), who met and fell in love playing Halo.
How strong is their bond? Desirai took Dramamine to make it through campaign mode with John, without barfing from motion sickness. And then she moved from New York to Florida to be with him. Totilo treats their story with sensitivity and dignity - probably because he had some game themes in his own wedding.


When John's inevitable proposal and Desirai's acceptance came, it was certain one would have the idea to theme out the wedding Halo style. In this case, it's all Desirai's scheming. They're doing it as tastefully and subtly as possible - no, she will not dress as Cortana. In fact, they're not explaining many of the details. The wedding processional will be the Halo 3 menu music, and Desirai's dress will sport her Halo emblem, but they're expecting few will notice. John's family, whom he describes as "along the redneck side," might wonder what that robot dude is doing where the preacher should be standing, but they'll figure it out eventually.

The wedding is Jan. 17. Desirai and John have set up a Web site where you can read more about them.

Halo Wedding Planned By Two Video Game Fans [MTV, with photo, thanks to darktiki for the tip]

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