Once Upon a Time, There Was a 'Kill 1,000 Kids' Achievement

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That will be our story for today, dear readers, how rewarding players for killing 1,000 child characters in Fairytale Fights is in the game, as of now, but ... yeahhhh ... likely won't be in the final release.


UGO reports the existence of the achievement, although it also says that Playlogic has likely designated it to be removed from the final version. However, the uber-bloody violence done to kid characters will remain in the game.

Playlogic producer Poria Torkan said that while players in Germany - considering a violent video game ban - found the game "very funy," he acknowledged the whole killing-a-thousand-kids-thing might be a bit problematic.

Yeah. As Game Politics points out, Microsoft and Sony would probably have something to say about it before they license the game, too. But that won't stop the cable news haranguing, once word of this spreads.

Fairytale Fights and the "Kill 1,000 Children Achievement [UGO via GamePolitics]


Curse lily

i've already kill more than 280 thousand mobile suit in DW:G2 so that's nothing for me and my pure die hardism.

And no i'm not ashamed of that record

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