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On the Ice, the Hits are Like Snowflakes

No two are alike with the game's new real-time physics, promises EA Sports. Broken sticks, glove- and skate-passing, more face-off options and the Canadian Hockey League round out the package of upgrades in NHL 11, due Sept. 14.


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I didn't like last years (or was it 2008?), it was a broken piece of ass.

I have been a long time patron of the NHL franchise (going back to NHL94), and it was one of the few franchises that always improved upon itself...or so I thought.

After I think 2006, it kinda fluctuated in quality.

Rather than improvements, they went with features and gimmicks.

But they also got more broken. Crashes on many different screens, AI not working, not being able to control your player are a few.

The the difficulty got all fucked up. I think the last two versions of the game, I couldn't get any PP's. Maybe finish the season with 30 at the most.

Scoring was turned to shit. The computer goalies were made amazing while your own were limbless imbeciles. Luongo, your rating means shit!

But they weren't the ones that pissed me off the most, it was these two

First, I never liked the addition with shooting with the stick. But that was okay because they always added 'classic' controls, or something to that effect.

Now, in the last one, if you have classic controls, you can't make line changes?!?! What.The. Fuck.

No line changes...

Oh, you could have automa...Shut the fuck up. I want to change my own lines.

Now the second, was not as big. But it was again line changes.

If you played on a certain difficulty (the one I enjoyed playing on) the computer wouldn't make line changes! Try to skate past Chara every single minute of every single period.

Yeah, you always go up against there top line.

Now, this pissed me off so much because it was one of my favorite multiplayer games. And by multiplayer I mean same team role-playing with my 2 brothers.

Those latest additions smashed that happiness for me. And there wasn't even reason for it.

This one has a lot to make up for, but to be honest, I'm not sure I have the belief to go back to it any more.

A grain of sand to EA, a childhood and sibling bonding for me.