Old People: Play Video Games, Maybe Get a Break on Car Insurance

Illustration for article titled Old People: Play Video Games, Maybe Get a Break on Car Insurance

Is President Palmer still doing the Allstate insurance ads? Why didn't he tell us about this? It seems the U.S. auto policy underwriter wants to test whether video games can help make 50-year-olds (and up) into better drivers. Allstate's offering specialized computer games to some 100,000 customers in Pennsylvania between 50 and 75. The games they play are not necessarily driving specific; they test for visual alertness and try to slow cognitive decline. The developer, San Francisco based Posit Science will track the number of hours the drivers play, and their performance will be compared with the accident rates of their demographic.Drivers in their 50s are considered among the safest, but the accident rate spikes sharply once they reach their mid-60s. Allstate wants to know why. I'm a bit pissed this is only for the geezer drivers. I have quite a bit of experience in driving/video-game studies and was very eager to share my results with Allstate. I'm sure they'd give me a break on my next policy. Drivers May Get Insurance Breaks for Playing Video Games [CNN]



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