Old Kentucky Home Burns, Nintendo Sued

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Lawsuits must hit Nintendo with all the regularity, and fanfare, of the morning newspaper arriving on the lawn. Now the insurance-mans is suing them, saying a DS power supply burnted a Kentucky residence.


Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company paid a claim to a homeowner whose place got roasty-toasty because of an overheating Nintendo DS AC adapter. Not sure what they paid out, but the insurance company is seeking $236,000, plus interest, court costs, dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, etc.

Just so you know, not all product liability lawsuits are filed by shiftless chislers represented by two-bit ambulance chasers. Sometimes big corporations get in on the act, too. And naturally, it's an insurance company, which probably figured it couldn't get out of paying this claim and then went looking for some way to make someone else pay. And bingo, they saw that Ninty previously conducted a product recall because of overheating issues.

The [DS] was defective in design, manufacture and/or because it failed to warn consumers as to dangers associated with it... due to defects existing within the Product which caused a risk of overheating and fire, the Product was recalled by Nintendo.


Nintendo Sued for $236K Over Faulty Adapter [GamePolitics]

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