Old Grandma Hardcore Returns At Last to Dragon-Shout a Few Cuss Words

We haven't heard much out of Old Grandma Hardcore—her last video was her cussing up a storm playing Final Fantasy XIII in 2010. Don't worry. She is quite alright and still her old, irascible, potty-mouthed self, as this session with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim demonstrates.


Spoiler Alert: Per OGHC's grandson, this video "contains massive spoilers ... if you're into the Dark Brotherhood quests." So you've been fuckin' warned.

Video 27: Grandma Plays Skyrim [Old Grandma Hardcore. h/t Mario Cheated]

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I wonder how we'll be playing video games in fourty years time when I'm in my advanced age. Surely not with a controller like this.

Not that it matters. I'll still be playing. I will probably be exactly like this too. Well, maybe I'll keep more of my teeth. And swear less. And still be male. Ok. Not exactly like this.