"Old E3 Was Worst of Nerd Culture Meets Worst of Frat Culture"

Some people really hated on E3 2008. Said it was boring or there weren't big announcements or whatever. Scott Alexander from Playboy has a nice look back at this year's E3 and what it all means in the big picture. He writes:

The old E3 was all the worst parts of nerd culture mashed up with all the worst parts of frat culture. When these two natural enemies join forces it can only presage the eldritch touch of Satan. Imagine a giant steaming helping of brain-dead rah-rah awesome bro 'tude combined with sweaty, hygenically challenged man-children futilely chasing their ever-receding childhoods. The old E3 was a three-day migraine with a side order of Asberger's Syndrome, which turns out is neither pretty nor pleasant. Plus, some of us were trying to get work done. Seriously, no one likes a good party more than me, but a good party has to ebb and flow or people get exhausted. The old E3 was like a four-day bender with your friend who just discovered how awesome crystal meth is. It's entertaining at first, then it gets tiring, then annoying, then scary, then you wake up in jail without your pants.


Sounds like Revenge of the Nerds, but better. Way better. How To Sound Smart About E3 [Playboy]

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