Just because the High King of Skyrim mod lets you order people and do whatever you want doesn't mean you have to be an absolute jerk to your subjects. You can use your limitless power to do good, too!

Uh. Kind of. Here's what trying to be a 'nice' High King of Skyrim pans out like, according to solarhamster on r/Skyrim...it's almost as if the specific powers the mod grants you lend themselves best to making you into an awful person, even if you have good intentions. Observe:

Oh well. It's the thought that matters? Either way, if you wanna give this mod a go yourself, you can download it here. To recap, it allows you to tell people to:

- bow to you/dance for you
- give you all their possessions
- become your bodyguard (follower)
- force anyone to fall in love with you and become a potential marriage candidate regardless of gender
- instantly kill your target with the Thuum
- promote people to various social standings
- invite people to live in your castle
- sentence anyone to death by execution
- sentence anyone to death in the arena
- punish people by sending them to work in the slave labor mines
- have people imprisoned