There are plebs, and then there's you, the High King of Skyrim. And as the High King of Skyrim, you'd best believe you can do damn well nearly anything you please, no matter how silly or ridiculous.

If you're thinking that this must involve mods somehow, you'd be right—this one in particular, which was brought to our attention by solarhamster over at Reddit. With this mod, you can order people to do the following:

- bow to you/dance for you
- give you all their possessions
- become your bodyguard (follower)
- force anyone to fall in love with you and become a potential marriage candidate regardless of gender
- instantly kill your target with the Thuum
- promote people to various social standings
- invite people to live in your castle
- sentence anyone to death by execution
- sentence anyone to death in the arena
- punish people by sending them to work in the slave labor mines
- have people imprisoned

And that means you can get into amazing situations like these:

Eh? Eh? Although! That's not all you can do with this mod. Read more details here, including how to download. I'm particularly amused by the ability to have a council—like the mod says, you're the High King of Skyrim...which means you can't be expected to do everything yourself!

Bets on this becoming the new 'arrow to the knee' type meme for Skyrim?