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Robert Snively of Port Clinton, Ohio, should be having a moment of clarity right now, because the dude is headed for town court over freaking Guitar Hero.


Snively, 33, was jamming on the game late at night this weekend, pissing off his neighbors for the last goddamn time. They sicced the fuzz on him, and they showed up and were all "Dude, not cool," and wrote him a ticket. Since he's a repeat offender for this sort of thing, that means he is off to court in April.

This reminds me of the time I had Cooking Mama cranked up to 11 and the neighbors, hearing "Maylee" raving about my kitchen skills - "You're unstoppable!", "Stupendous!", "You're good at this!", "Mmm. That was quite a treat!" - reported me to Chris Hansen and NBC Dateline.


Man Arrested for Playing Guitar Hero Too Loud [ via GoNintendo]

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