Oh No Xbox And Adidas What Are You Doing

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Photo: Complex

Nike and PlayStation have enjoyed a years-long partnership where a bunch of their shoes have become all-time classics. Both the console and sneaker businesses being what they are, we are now inevitably about to get a whole bunch of Adidas x Xbox shoes to compete.


They haven’t been officially announced yet, but Complex got hold of some internal documents showing one of the shoes off, and if Adidas hoped that a targeted leak might take some of the shine off the new PG5 x PS5 collab, then they have...miscalculated.

These are trash! These are off-brand skate shoes you’d have bought at Costco in 2004. These are “nephew bugging me about games on my phone” shoes. The silhouette pictured above is a new shoe called the Forum Tech Boost, but Complex says a number of other models are releasing throughout 2021, including some basketball sneakers, so maybe they’ll be an improvement!

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As a sneakerhead, Adidas has been horrible at brand collabs, they just need to stop. Everything looks like a kid’s K-mart shoe with overly obvious branding rather than subtle nods that actually look good. Dragon Ball, Simpsons, Star Wars, Lego, those joints where they literally just slapped the words CYBER PUNK across them... stop. They all look like shit. The last good one I recall from them that I actaully liked and got where the Kid Cudi x Bill & Ted Torsion Highs that were more or less just a rerelease of the original sneaker with a few small tweaks... or at least the pair that didn’t have WYLD STALLYNS splashed on the back.