Oh Mother, This Looks Hot

It's July. July in Japan means one thing: unbearable heat. It's not exactly the weather for your typical full body costume.

Then again, role-playing title EarthBound isn't your typical game.


At the Club Sega arcade in Akihabara, a staffer donned a "Mr. Saturn" costume and waddled out onto the street and out into the heat. The temperature was over 36 degrees Celsius (97 degrees Fahrenheit!).

Mr. Saturn ended out being wheeled away in a cart due to complete and utter exhaustion.

Known as "Mother" in Japan, EarthBound was designed by famed Japanese copywriter Shigesato Itoi.


最高気温36度超えた猛暑日 「どせいさん」着ぐるみ 暑さのあまりグッタリ [アキバBlog]

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