Oh God, Uwe Boll's on Kickstarter, Raising Money for Postal 2

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Well, it finally happened. Uwe Boll, maker of terrible movies in general and terrible video game adaptations in specific, has gone to Kickstarter in search of money for his next flick, which of course is a sequel to 2007's wretched Postal. He's raised $2 so far.

Boll, the creative force behind flops based on House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne (with two sequels) and even Dungeon Siege, is looking for $500,000 to start shooting the flick and will have until Oct. 27 to raise it.

Boll aspires to make Postal 2 into another political satire, name-dropping Edward Snowden and referencing other current events in the pitch. It's a good M.O.: He can pretend this bullshit will have some sort of message and, if it's still utterly incoherent, he can go lol nm j/k because it's all a big ironic joke.


"This movie is important nobody besides Uwe Boll got the balls to make it," says the pitch.

The project began early this afternoon, starting with $2 in its tip jar. Prizes and comps are offered for donations up to $10,000, including a speaking role in the flick and blame credit as an executive producer. For all of the offers involving in-person VIP treatment, donors have to pay their own lodging and airfare.

Boll, as Brian Ashcraft pointed out three years ago, is incredibly good at finding money for his films despite a richly deserved reputation as a schlockmaster nonpareil. He also has no trouble getting name actors to go along for the ride. So it's possible that Boll already has money for a Postal sequel, and this Kickstarter is a stunt designed to thumb noses in the segment of the Internet that despises him, and gin up some awareness for his next film.


If the Kickstarter is successful, Postal 2 will begin shooting in the spring and will release in August 2014. If the Kickstarter fails, hell, who knows, Boll still might find a way to inflict Postal 2 on us.

Postal 2 [Kickstarter, h/t Doug]

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Did you see the first Postal movie? It was hilarious! I enjoyed it every time i watched it (it's on Netflix streaming).

As far as I'm concerned, it's the best Uwe Boll movie ever made.