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Oh, Dear God, Please Let an Archer Pinball FX 2 Table Happen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Granted, this is only a bunch of dudes talking over Twitter, but these dudes are ones who work on Pinball FX 2 and Archer, and both seem to favor the idea of creating a virtual pinball table for the outrageously funny espionage spoof.

Major caveat: "End of the day, it's FX's call though," tweeted Neal Holman, the show's art director. As in FX the network that broadcasts the show, not Pinball FX. If it was up to the guys in charge of that game, they'd do it pronto.


"That would be A-mazing! Archer is literally the only TV show I have watched outside Netflix in the last 2 years," replied Neil Sorens, the Pinball FX 2 creative director. "PLEASE DO," replied the Zen Studios general Twitter feed (likely being manned by Zen's Mel Kirk) when Holman said he "will put them in touch with whoever they need."

Archer's running gags are often strafed by sexual innuendo, so creating a table that really hits the show's tone might require a bump up in ESRB rating. It's currently rated E, with "Comic Mischief" as its only content descriptor. Archer would definitely supply lots of that. But goddamn, just doing that table, whatever its missions are and whatever animated eye-candy it supplies, would be uber-fan service to two very loyal constituencies.


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