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Ogle Blizzard HQ's Epically Mounted Orc

Illustration for article titled Ogle Blizzard HQs Epically Mounted Orc

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard moved into its new Irvine, California digs in late 2007, 240,000 square feet worth of space in which to develop more Starcraft, Diablo and WarCraft. This year, Blizzard headquarters added some lovely Orc art.


The bronze Warcraft statue measures some twelve feet in height. It moved onto the Blizzard campus in February of this year, but installation of the beast is still ongoing, thanks, apparently, to some lighting changes. The 12-foot-tall version is just one of 3,000 Orc Wolfrider statues. The rest were given to Blizzard employees during the move, but the take-home versions are much, much smaller.


Blizzard's Orc statue is set in the center of an eight point compass, which highlights the company's development tenets.

  • Learn and Grow
  • Gameplay First
  • Lead Responsibly
  • Play Nice, Play Fair
  • Think Globally
  • Every Voice Matters
  • Commit To Quality
  • Embrace Your Inner Geek

What else says embracing your inner geek like commissioning WETA Workshop to sculpt you a massive Orcish statue?

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This just disgusts me. It shows how much money people are sinking into a worthless game like WoW instead of more meaningful, inventive, and creatively important single player games.

One day people will tire of the carrot on a stick mechanic of MMOs and wake up to realize they killed off anything of value in the industry.