October Xbox One Update Will Make Gamerscore A Bigger Deal

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The October system software update for Microsoft's frequently-evolving Xbox One console will add a Gamerscore leaderboard that will rank Xbox One owners and their friends by the amount of Gamerscore they've attained in the last 30 days.

Microsoft showed the new Gamerscore ranking system last night in a video highlighting several October firmware system software changes and upgrades. The changes are bullet-pointed at Xbox hype man Major Nelson's blog.


There are a bunch of neat tweaks in the update. The introduction of a better controller-based option for video capture might excite some system owners: double-tap the Xbox button and then press X to grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay. The expansion of media-playing/streaming capabilities will cheer others.

There's even more, but, if you're an Xbox One owner, don't disregard the Gamerscore ranking system. Finally, there's a way to compete with people whose Gamerscore is way higher than yours, since you can at least out-score them for the past 30 days. Then again, this just might make you more anxious about what your friends are doing.

Gamescore, as most of you probably know, is a scored tally of Achievements that Xbox One and Xbox 360 users have earned by accomplishing various tasks in the games they play.

You can see the Xbox team's tour of all the October updates in the video below:

The October system software update will be available for consoles, well, next month.


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The Snap Center is going to be the best part of this new update IMO, puts it back on par with the 360's menu.