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Were you one of those folks that opted for the cheaper 20GB PlayStation 3 without the card reader and now regret that decision? Perhaps you picked up the 40GB version that lacks the card reader and only featured 2 USB ports in front? Sure, you could have a USB hub and a card reader dangling off the front of your console, or you could wait until August when Nyko releases the NYKO Media Hub for the PS3.


This little gadget plugs snugly into one of your PS3's USB ports, looking for all the world like it was meant to be there. The hub not only adds three more USB ports, bringing the total to either 4 or 6 depending on which system you own, but it also adds a card reader slot that handles both SD cards and Sony's own memory sticks.

Very nicely done, Nyko. A peripheral that people actually need that doesn't screw with the form factor of the system. The Nyko Media Hub should be in stores next month with an MSRP of $19.95.

NYKO Media Hub Announced for the PlayStation 3™

Details Surface on Upcoming Three Port USB Hub with Multi-Card Reader

LOS ANGELES - July 2, 2008

Nyko Technologies®, the premier gaming peripherals manufacturer, today revealed details for its upcoming Media Hub for the PlayStation 3™. The Media Hub easily attaches to the console, adding three additional USB ports and a media card reader slot that supports SD cards and Memory Sticks. Compatible with all PS3 models, the Media Hub matches the color and contour of the system to expand its media capabilities while maintaining a clean form factor.

The all-new Media Hub from Nyko attaches to any available USB port and enables the connection of three additional USB devices including flash drives, PSP, MP3 players and additional controllers. Its unique design requires no tools or internal modifications, draws its power directly from the PS3, and easily installs in just seconds.

"We found that many of our customers who had purchased the popular 40 GB version of the PS3, which has less USB ports and no media card reader, were looking for an affordable solution to expand with these features," said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing at Nyko Technologies. "With the Media Hub, an additional three USB ports and a media card reader are now possible for all PS3 models, allowing consumers to enjoy the full capabilities of their multimedia system no matter which model they choose."

Nyko's Media Hub for PS3 is expected to hit store shelves by August 2008 for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Please visit www.nyko.com for more information.



That's amazing! I had a bunk USB cord that destroyed 2 USB ports on my system before I realized anything was wrong so now I can only have 2 people playing Rock Band at a time. This is phenomenal news!