NVIDIA Shows Off a PC Batman: Arkham City Well Worth Waiting For

! While console players are busy exploring everything Batman: Arkham City has to offer, PC gamers have to wait until November 15 to don the cape and cowl. NVIDIA gives them something to look forward to with a video showing off how PhysX makes with the dust and clutter.


The video shows off a more properly trashed Arkham City, with papers strewn about, sparks showering the ground, and dust rising with every impact of Batman's gauntleted fist. Of particular note is the ice particles flying off Mr. Freeze's freeze ray, a striking contrast to the non-PhysX-enabled version of the game.

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As an added bonus, NVIDIA also provided a teasing screen of Catwoman posing in an environment enhanced by DirectX 11 tessellation, just one of many extra features available for those with a graphics card capable of handling it. I almost feel bad for playing the Xbox 360 version now. Almost.

Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City - A First Look [GeForce.com]

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As usual, the only thing the PC can do is pretty up the game, cause we all know, visuals=everything.