Nvidia Debuts The GTX Titan Z, A $3,000 Video Card For Maniacs

Illustration for article titled Nvidia Debuts The GTX Titan Z, A $3,000 Video Card For Maniacs

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang kicked off the company's GPU Technology Conference today as he often does, holding something incredibly powerful and expensive above his head. This time it's the Geforce GTX Titan Z, more video card than you need or could afford.


So I'm making a gross generalization of our readership's financial situation. I'm willing to bet a large percentage of you folks aren't immediately reaching for your credit cards in order to make sure your PC is outfitted with a supercompter of a graphics card. If I'm wrong, I'll set up a donation page for you to send me sympathy money.

Anyway, the Geforce GTX Titan Z. Engineered for the next generation of 5K and multi-monitor gaming, it's built around two Kepler GK110 chips. At 2,880 cores per GPU, that's 5,760 processing cores. It's got 12GB of dedicated frame buffer memory as well, bringing us ever closer to the point where our video cards have much more memory than our computers themselves. Some of us are already there.

Nvidia's blog post on the new card doesn't mention the price, because it's a silly number. The $3,000 price tag comes from the fine folks at TweakTown, who are hoping to see what a PC equipped with four of these can do.

I am betting it can travel through time. Maybe it already has.


If I could know that it would last me 10 years before it stops running games at top perfromance, then I'd consider it. $3000 for ten years would be reasonable. But I imagine this will be replaces in two years with another crazy chip, and the cycle will begin again.

It IS a new console generation and my PC hardware is getting old. I've thought about getting the $1000 Titan just to not worry about GPU for a few years, but even that is kinda crazy. I've never paid more than $400 for a card and the 570 I've got now has still serves me well enough for now. We'll see as more of the next gen stuff ports over, if that really raises the demands as much as I anticipate.