Illustration for article titled Numerology Proves emHalf Life 3/em will be Announced at E3. Really.

Not a day passes we don't get some "rumor," wishful thinking, or outright bullshit about Half-Life 3's imminent arrival. This "tip," sent by "Igor," now adds numerology to the mix. Hell, it's at least as reliable as all the other nonsense we hear.


Here it is, verbatim:

Gabe Newell's Rank on Forbes' Richest Men List: 864

Years between HL and HL2: 7 Years
Years between HL2 and L4D2: 5 Years
Years between L4D2 and Portal 2: 3 Years
Total: 753


864 - 753 = 111

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

3 = HL3 or Episode 3 (or E3)

Well there you have it. It's as good as confirmable unimpeachable proof to me. Someone go pick apart Nostradamus' texts, I'm sure we can find a corroborating statement in there, too.

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