Nuka Cola Recipe Omits Rads

Unless you've got some Polonium-210 in your spice rack, this homebrew brew of Fallout 3's sody-pop lacks the oomph of the real thing. Judging by the ingrediments, It also lacks any kind of appealing flavor.

Here's the secret formula for standard Nuka, written up by forum poster aznz888 on Facepunch.

1/3rds Cream Soda
1/3rds Coca-Cola
1/3rds Mountain Dew (or any other caffeinated drink you like)


Uh, no ... phenylalanine? Sodium benzoate? Alright then. How about Nuka Quantum? I hear it'll make your pee glow in the dark. After your pecker falls off of course.

Nuka-Cola Quantum Recipe
Two drops of Blue food Coloring
Two drops of Red food Coloring
One Foosh "Seriously Caffeinated" Mint
1/3rds Sprite
1/3rds Mountain Dew
1/3rds Squirt! soda


The guy forgot the +6 rads. Anyway, it all sounds like an excuse to slap these two Nuka Cola labels on something. And I'll give him that. Minus the misspelling of ridiculous they're pretty nice.


"So tell me what you think!" he asks. "Should I continue making weird versions of food from Fallout?" Oooh! I vote mirelurk cakes! Take imitation crabmeat. Drag through algae and feces. Pat into puck-sized cakes and fry. Delish!

Making Nuka Cola in REAL LIFE! (Home-made Logos!) [Facepunch, thanks tipster ps360]

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