Now You Too Can Play Resident Evil 5 Dress-Ups

Sensing that there will be grown-ups willing to part with serious cash money in the wake of Resident Evil 5's release, Capcom are continuing a long-running trend of theirs: releasing Resident Evil dress-ups.


They've been a mainstay of Capcom's Japanese marketing strategy for years now, and with Resident Evil 5 now out over there, it's time to see what's in store for this time around. Sadly, it seems options at the moment are limited to a couple of very authentic-looking BSAA jackets (the organisation the game's heroes are working with), some badges to sew onto other militaristic-looking things you may have lying around the house, and a couple of zippo lighters.

Not a bad start, but having seen Capcom's "official" Chris & Sheva decked out at last year's Tokyo Game Show (below), we were kind of hoping for something a little closer to the look of the main duo.

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